August 16, 2021
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Who doesn’t love throwing big foam terrestrials? Morning and mid to late evening have been producing most days. The day’s we have fog and higher water it can be a true treat. Cast tight to the bank and any current bank along it, and any sunken grass beds have been providing anglers with good eats. Some of our favorite patterns have been Fat Albert’s 6-10, Psycho Ants 6-8, smaller beetle and ant patterns in 14-16. 

Nymphing in the heat of the day has been slow, but still picking up some fish here and there. Girdle Bugs and other leggy nymphs have been most productive hunting off the deep shelves. 

We are still seeing some caddis in the early evening so some smaller caddis pupae and caddisflies will still be in play, but do not look too much into the caddis. 

Water is dropping a little throughout the day, look for higher water downstream if they cut water to benefit fish being higher in the column. 

Streamer’s if you get the streamer itch, larger water days and cloud cover/ rain will benefit the streamer game as we move into fall. We are still throwing smaller streamers in the 4-6 inch range such as standard D&D, Mini Dungeons, Sculpin Patterns have been our favorites!