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We fish the White and Norfork Rivers, Crooked Creek, as well as Dry Run Creek for kids under 16 - or adults with physical disabilities. Locations will be determined by your guide.

All you will need to bring is an Arkansas Fishing License and Trout Stamp (purchased online). Although you are encouraged to feel free to bring your own gear, we also supply everything you would need to have a successful fishing experience. Also, a good attitude goes a long way, as do sunglasses!

We highly recommend you wear long sleeves, a ball cap or any style of hat, and bring a rain jacket as it is not promised your guide will have extras. Sunglasses are mandatory on all guide trips when fishing. Polarized glasses are recommended but not required. Please call for more information on seasonal fishing wear.

No, we are a catch and release outfit only.

We only use fly fishing tackle. You are welcome to bring whatever you want in terms of your own tackle, but your guide will provide all terminal tackle, including flies.

We allow children over the age of 12 to fish, but younger children who want to accompany a trip is fine.

No, all of our trips are per boat one or two people.

Due to our insurance policy guests will not be allowed to drive or operate the boat.

We can fish year-round on the White and Norfork Rivers. The only times we do not fish are major holidays.

We will do our best to fish through weather; however, if serious weather conditions arise, we will either rebook or refund accordingly.

If you need help finding lodging, either for your family or a large party, please contact us and we can help you find something to fit your capacity and budget.

Day Trips
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Full Day
¾ Day
½ Day
** All Day Trips are priced for 1 or 2 Anglers, unless otherwise stated
Night Trips
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Night Float
Night Spey
The ½ and ½
**Prices are PER ANGLER**
Additional Angler