Low Tide

September 24, 2021
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Low tide has hit the white! Water levels have finally settled a bit and we are officially in low tide conditions. With limited generation the fishing has picked up for nymphing. Although the browns are a bit harder to find now we are easily catching rainbows, and lots of them! Nymphing has been the ticket as the hopper bite has begun to slow down, just because the water isn’t high though we are still finding some fish on the hopper, but not as readily as a week ago. 

            We have been fishing the 1st and 2nd cuts off the bank with nymph rigs around 10ft and around 4-5ft from indicator to the first fly and limited split shot. If you are fishing the middle of the river fish a bit longer rig, searching for the bottom of the river and look for large depressions and slope.

            With some afternoon generation the white has been muddying up a bit or throwing debris down river causing fishing to be a little tougher. But as we move into fall bigger water will be primetime to break out the streamer rod and possibly fool a big brown. 


Flies of the Week:


Pheasant Tails w/Legs


Copper Johns (Red)


Mega Worms


Egg Patterns


Hares Ear’s w/ Legs


Lightening Bugs


Rainbow Warriors


Sunday Specials


Ruby Midges


Zebra Midges



If you have any questions please feel free to give us a shout! Hope you all get to enjoy some of the beautiful fall weather and tight lines.