Mild flows and beautiful mornings

November 12, 2021
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Mild flows and cool mornings is what it’s about right now. We have been hovering around the 35 megawatts mark unless temps dip in the mornings. If temps are below 40* F we will see a bump in the mornings otherwise flows should stay pretty consistent. Ruby midges sz 18, root beer midges sz 18, lightning bugs sz 16-18 have been solid throughout the day add in some pink worms and eggs and you should be able to keep a bend in your rod most of the day. If you are out into the evening try a Sunday special in sz 14-16 and if you see rising fish try a sz 16-18 dry caddis in your favorite pattern. We like elk hair caddis and missing links. Hope everyone gets a chance to get out this weekend. Tight lines from all of us at Ozark fly co